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We connect devices to the gas network, to local systems and to the heating system, as well as organize the supply of propane gas.

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Heating kit Budget

Conventional type gas boiler with atmospheric burner. Gas installation with six cylinders and automatic gas switch.

2 340,00 €

Heating kit Comfort

Condensing type gas boiler with closed combustion chamber. Gas installation with six cylinders and automatic gas switch.


Gas GSM system heating kit

Condensing type gas boiler, gas installation, wired remote control (WiFi remote control option), chimney and GSM notification system (sms 2,50 EUR +PVN). 



  • For whom is a gas cylinder heating system suitable? 
    Cylinders with liquefied gas can be used for autonomous heating of private homes. The heating system is powered by six 79-liter gas cylinders. It is easy to operate and manage, eco-friendly, can be installed at any time and provides the ability to quickly heat hot water and cook food on a gas stove anywhere in Latvia. You can switch to an autonomous heating system using gas cylinders either when there is no connection to the gas main, or after using diesel fuel or other heat sources. Connecting the heating system through gas cylinders does not require additional pipe laying or other internal work in the house.
  • How do I know when to replace gas cylinders in the system?
    The gas cylinder heating system is equipped with a switching valve, which has an indicator that shows which gas cylinders the system is currently running on (main or backup). Initially, the system operates on three main gas cylinders. After the gas in the main gas cylinders runs out, the system automatically switches to the backup gas cylinders.
  • How stable is the gas cylinder heating system at sub-zero temperatures?
    The gas cylinder heating system uses gas cylinders with pure propane. Pure propane vaporizes steadily at temperatures up to -40 C. Therefore, Your gas cylinder heating system will work stably even at sub-zero temperatures outside.
  • Do I need to order a project to install a gas cabinet? 
    According to the current construction regulations of the Republic of Latvia, before starting installation work, it is necessary to make a project for the installation of a gas cabinet and the installation of an internal gas pipeline. This project does not require approval from the construction department.
  • What size is the gas cabinet?
    Dimensions of the gas Cabinet: length 2 m 46 cm, height 1 m 49 cm, depth 0.41 cm. If you are not yet our client, order a free consultation and our specialists will calculate the cost of the installation project and connection to the heating system on gas cylinders in the near future.
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