Heating for residential buildings

A metal Cabinet with six 79-liter gas cylinders is installed at the house and is connected by a gas pipeline to a gas boiler located inside the house. A gas boiler uses liquefied gas (propane) from gas cylinders for home heating, water heating, and cooking on a gas stove. Initially, the system uses only three gas cylinders placed inside a metal Cabinet. When the gas in the first three gas cylinders runs out, the system automatically switches to the remaining three 79-liter propane gas cylinders.

The gas cylinder heating system is equipped with a telemetry system and a gas meter. The telemetry system tracks the remaining gas in the gas cylinders, and as soon as the first three gas cylinders run out, the system automatically notifies the gas cylinder supplier that the main gas cylinders have run out and the system has switched to using backup gas cylinders. After that, the call center operator will contact you and agree on a convenient time for delivery and installation of gas cylinders in your heating system. A gas meter is used to measure the amount of gas consumed over a specified period of time. This means that you do not need to pay for gas cylinders, but for the actual amount of liquefied gas (propane) consumed in the previous month, according to the gas meter readings. This is important because in some situations, gas cylinders may contain unused liquefied gas. Accordingly, thanks to the gas meter, you will not have to pay for unused gas in gas cylinders.


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